A CUREM mattress

is a technologically advanced tool
designed on the basis of research



Innovative, technologically advanced or ultramodern are adjectives rarely associated with products such as mattresses or pillows. The Curem brand has been changing this notion for over five years. Furthermore, this year it presents to the world its subsequent accomplishments, along with a new line of mattresses and pillows.



To better understand what makes Curem products stand out from the rest and determine their advantages, one must look at the history of Hilding Anders itself. It was founded in 1939. It was then that Hilding Andersson opened a furniture factory in Bjärnum, Sweden. During these difficult times for Europe, he only managed within a year to achieve a reputation as a capable entrepreneur and an experienced craftsman, supplying products of impeccable quality. After two decades of continuous development and expansion, the company decided to focus on furnishings and bedroom furniture. At that time, Hilding Anders also acquired a prestigious customer in the form of the current large network of IKEA stores. The two Swedish companies began a cooperation, which has lasted to this day.



Curem is the flagship brand of the entire group, which draws all the best from years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, represented by Hilding Anders.
Curem, just like Olle Andersson many years ago, is committed to innovation and technological advancement. It is the first company in the Polish market to introduce a product that uses the revolutionary Serene foam - the latest solution in the field of mattress foams. Thanks to this, and the successive layers of foam - hybrid Fusion and thermoelastic Visco, Curem mattresses are a great success for anyone who wants to regenerate as effectively as they spend the day intensively.



Good Night's SleepLab

A major contribution to achieving such high quality is attributable to the Good Night's SleepLab. It is the Swiss research centre of the Hilding Anders company, where new solutions and the properties of mattresses are tested in various ways. All mattress components undergo a rigorous test procedure. Only a positive assessment can guarantee a quality certificate. Each document is certified by an independent body, in the form of the Swiss Institute AEH. The buyer can be certain that the materials, design and properties of the mattress correspond to the highest standards. Regardless of the model you choose.


A holistic approach to sleep

The Curem brand and the entire Hilding Anders group are distinguished by their holistic approach to sleep. The characteristic feature of this approach is that it treats all the factors associated with good sleep as a comprehensive system. Proper regeneration of the body and a feeling of freshness in the morning depend on several factors, which should be addressed concurrently. Three key aspects of healthy sleep are sleeping conditions, good habits before bedtime and equipment. It is in this last point that Curem products play the most important role. Mattress parameters should respond to individual needs and preferences, which is possible thanks to the division of the new line into 4 models. Curem pays special attention to aspects such as construction, hardness, elasticity, ventilation and thermal properties, among others.

Another important element is the antibacterial Zeo Case cover, made of high quality materials, which provides for free removal of excess heat. The equipment also includes pillows - the latest line is complemented by the .ergo L and .relax models. Ergonomic pillows made of CureFeel foam provide a perfect fit, anatomical support and the ideal temperature at all times. For even better cleanliness and hygiene, the pillows are also equipped with an antibacterial Zeo Case cover.

All this to provide people all over the world with even better sleep.


A holistic approach to sleep